— 1 July 2024

Childish Gambino’s Final Album Will Soundtrack His Sci-Fi Movie — Here’s The First Trailer

— 1 July 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

In the same spirit as his seminal Because The Internet — which was released alongside a “prologue” of a short film, companion screenplay, and thematically tied music videos — Donald Glover‘s final album, as Childish Gambino, will soundtrack his forthcoming film: Bando Stone & The New World.

Described as a post-apocalyptic sci-fi comedy, the feature-length project follows the titular singer (Glover), who wakes up to discover reality has been forever altered.

As shown in the trailer, he comes upon a shotgun-brandishing woman (Jessica Allain) and her child, who are forced to team up if they want any hope of surviving.

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The same trailer poses one simple question: “What are you when the world ends?”

Bando Stone & The New World appears to blend the surrealist sensibilities of Donald Glover and frequent creative collaborator Hiro Murai’s filmic works; with the high-concept flair of your usual sci-fi blockbusters (aliens and all).

Given the sheer calibre of entertainment they’ve delivered with Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, Atlanta, and Amazon’s Mr & Mrs Smith series, we’re pretty bloody keen.

bando stone & the new world (childish gambino / donald glover)

RCA and the multi-hyphenate talent’s production company Gilga are signed on as producers. As for the music side of things, according to Glover himself, the new album draws direct inspiration from past soundtracks like Prince’s work on Batman (1989) and Batman Forever (1995).

This comes in the wake of the finished version of his surprise album 3.15.20 — now redubbed its original title Atavista — and the announcement of the Childish Gambino “New World Tour” (go figure). Expect live renditions of the coming tracks when he eventually touches down on Aussie shores come February 2025.

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Bando Stone & The New World Release Date

bando stone & the new world (childish gambino / donald glover)

At time of writing, Bando Stone & The New World directed, soundtracked by, and starring Childish Gambino/Donald Glover has yet to confirm a specific release date. What we do know is that it will arive some time in the coming months and screen exclusively via IMAX theatres.

Not-so-coincidentally, the Bando Stone & The New World trailer premiered during an IMAX screening of A Quiet Place: Day One, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn (check it out above).

Keep an eye out for updates here.

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