— Updated on 13 March 2023

Gunther VI, The German Shepherd Worth $580 Million, Is Getting His Own Netflix Doco

— Updated on 13 March 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

A German shepherd being worth approximately US$400 million (AU$578 million), regularly flown across Europe in a private jet for gourmet dinners, and the proprietor of Madonna’s former Miami estate home would be wild enough all on its own. But with a bit of investigative digging, Netflix’s forthcoming documentary Gunther’s Millions will reveal this is just the tip of a much larger – and far weirder – iceberg.

The story everyone – present company included – has been fed regarding Gunther VI? The world’s wealthiest pet, which is the subject of the forthcoming four-part affair, inherited his eye-watering fortune through his grandfather Gunther III; the latter reportedly having inherited what was initially a US$80 million sum from German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein upon her death circa 1992.

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Gunther's Millions - Gunther VI, The German Shepherd Worth $580 Million, Is Getting His Own Netflix Documentary

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Since then, the dynasty of Gunthers’ affairs have been masterminded by Leibenstein family friend and Italian pharmaceutical heir Maurizio Mian, who has been orchestrating every single note of this unbelievable symphony, apparently as a means of attracting free press coverage to promote his various real estate deals/investments/business ventures.

Gunther’s Millions begins by recounting the story of a German doctor who made a fortune in pharmaceuticals in the 80s. He provided his wife, a countess, and their son a life of comfort and ease,” reads the official Netflix description.

“But when their son died by suicide after struggling with depression, the only heir to their $400 million fortune was the family dog, a German shepherd named Gunther. The empire the countess left behind – and the long line of Gunthers bred from the original – was left to family friend Maurizio Mian, an Italian celebrity known for tenuous ties to the mafia and an entourage of reverent followers.” 

Gunther's Millions - Gunther VI, The German Shepherd Worth $580 Million, Is Getting His Own Netflix Documentary

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Gunther’s Millions chronicles the last 30 years (and counting) of Mian’s exploits, from setting up offshore accounts to buying Madonna’s old real estate, to elaborate social experiments involving boy bands and bikinis — all under the watchful eyes of Gunther’s chaotic canine empire.”

As per the preview dropped this past week, Mian’s bizarre Gunther-related antics ranged from hiring several “employees” for the princely canine to filling Gunther VI’s house with attractive human companions who were under 24-hour surveillance and “encouraged to have sex” with one another.

Discover the true story behind Gunther VI, the world’s richest dog, when Gunther’s Millions hits Netflix on February 1st of 2023 – now check out the trailer above.

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