— 11 December 2023

If You Liked ‘Gangs Of London,’ You’ll Love This New Movie

— 11 December 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Xavier Gens might not be a director you’re familiar with off the top of your head. But from the 2007 Hitman adaptation to Gangs of London season 1, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered his work.

And based on what we’ve previewed in the first Mayhem! trailer, Xavier Gens could soon become a household name on par with the likes of Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (John Wick); as well as Gangs of London co-creator Gareth Evans, who famously helmed The Raid.

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Having drawn extremely favourable comparisons with all of the aforementioned properties, Mayhem! follows the story of an ex-convict named Sam, portrayed by MMA fighter turned-actor Nassim Lyes.

Like many characters within this well-explored archetype, Lyes’ Sam is unable to escape his unsavoury past — especially when he finds himself hunted by a local crime lord he pissed off in prison.

Sam’s happy new life is disrupted when he’s discovered in Thailand, along with his loving wife and young daughter. What ensues is an ultra-violent fight for both his life and the safety of his family.

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Mayhem!, which has been penned by Magali Rossitto (Fahrenheit) and Guillaume Lemans (The Next Three Days), has already been praised for showcasing breathtaking fight choreography — “some of the best in a very long time” — in addition to being a “potent, ferocious, action extravaganza” that’ll leave you “breathless.”

As for a release date, it’ll open to limited theatres next month on January 5th, 2024 — check out the Mayhem! trailer above and the official synopsis below.

Sam (Nassim Lyes) is an exemplary inmate. A few months before his release from prison, he is diligently preparing for his reintegration. During a leave, his past catches up with him and an accident leaves him only one choice: escape.

Five years later, he rebuilt his life in Thailand, where he founded the family he had always dreamed of. But Narong (Olivier Gourmet), the local godfather, forces him to plunge into delinquency again. When Sam wants to stop everything, Narong attacks his family… Sam will cross Thailand to take revenge on his executioner.

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