Rowan Atkinson Returns For ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’

A common criticism for films these days is that they stand to be too dark or too gritty. But one upcoming continuation of a beloved film series is now making an extremely lighthearted return. As if on a crusade to make genres take themselves less seriously.

Rowan Atkinson makes his return as bumbling 007 wannabe, Johnny English. In the trailer, it looks as though the plot takes aim at the Skyfall story, wherein active agents find themselves compromised. As they are hunted one by one, there’s only one man left (in)capable enough to get the job done. And so much so that things promise to be entertaining.

The whole “pants around my ankles” schtick may or may not seem tired. In the spirit of harmless laughs, however, who really cares. Any day Rowan Atkinson returns to any screen is a win in my books.

Watch the trailer above.