‘The Gray Man 2’ & Spin-Off Movie Already Greenlit By Netflix
— Updated on 27 November 2023

‘The Gray Man 2’ & Spin-Off Movie Already Greenlit By Netflix

— Updated on 27 November 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It mightn’t be the most favourably-reviewed movie of 2022, nor has it really generated the cultural splash Netflix was hoping for – at least from where we’re sitting – but the streaming platform’s most expensive production yet clearly performed well enough in the eyeball economy to warrant The Gray Man 2 (plus an “edgy and experimental” R-rated spin-off).

The intention had always been to develop a screen franchise from the best-selling novels written by Mark Greaney, which was only double confirmed when Avengers: Infinity War + Endgame directors The Russo Brothers were tapped to lend their cinematic universe-building expertise. Hence why it’s rather unsurprising the $200 million globetrotting spy thriller is on track for substantial follow-up content.

Whether or not Netflix and the Russos will be able to successfully craft a saga that actually resonates with international audiences, however, is another matter entirely.

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“The audience reaction to The Gray Man has been nothing short of phenomenal,” Joe & Anthony Russo expressed via statement.

“We are so appreciative of the enthusiasm that fans across the world have had for this film.”

In addition to The Russo Brothers, The Gray Man 2 will mark the return of screenwriter Stephen McFeely – who is yet another Marvel alum credited with penning the Captain America trilogy, the last two Avengers instalments, and more – as well as Ryan Gosling himself, who’s obviously set to reprise his role as freelance assassin Court Gentry AKA Sierra Six.

The Gray Man 2

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As for The Gray Man spin-off, while details are currently being kept under wraps, we know this exploration of “different elements” within the same cinematic universe will involve Deadpool and Zombieland: Double Tap screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Given the first film’s stacked cast list includes Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thornton, and Regé-Jean Page, we could very well be in for something led by any of the aforementioned names. Expect blood, guts, and wisecracks.

Between all this and The Russo Brother’s other $200 million Netflix production starring Millie Bobby Brown dubbed The Electric State, now we know why old Joe & Anthony aren’t “connected” to the forthcoming Avengers flicks.

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