‘Trainspotting’ Director Danny Boyle May Direct Next Bond Film

The rumour mill has churned out some fascinating news, though it seems the more time passes, the more certain this will be. Danny Boyle, the auteur behind such masterpieces as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, and 127 Hours is said to be the top pick for directing Bond 25. This project will mark the end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as 007, and if Boyle were to come on-board, could promise to be quite the instalment.  

With speculation being thick in the air, there is a pretty even divide between those supporting and those against this decision. What I will say is this; given the rather lacklustre results of Spectre and Quantum of Solace, only briefly punctuated by Skyfall‘s valiant efforts towards returning to form, a Boyle Bond might be exactly what the franchise needs. It may even restore the frantic, sweaty, grit back into the films not seen since Casino Royale. And yes, there are many out there who argue that Bond doesn’t need grit and realism, it needs the campy escapism of say Brosnan or Dalton-era works. But I digress.

Further talks of Boyle collaborating with Trainspotting sequel writer, John Hodge, also brings the exciting prospect of an evolving Bond characterisation to the fore. Given the nature of Boyle’s characters, being that of desperate, down-beaten, and typically finding themselves in a bind, we might be treated to a version of Bond that isn’t consistently calm, cool, and collected. A man truly with his back against the wall, which always yields some quality entertainment. Dare I say, we might be treated to a broader range of emotions from the MI6 operative. Or, you know. Addicted to heroin and running from a killer Robert Carlyle. Again. Either or. 

That said, nothing is concrete yet. Lets just hope if it does happen, Bond doesn’t have to fight a dude in the worst toilet in Scotland. That would be gritty to the point of stomach churning.