— 28 March 2024

‘Alone Australia’ Has Returned For Season 2 — Check Out The Trailer

— 28 March 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

For anyone currently nursing a Survivor Australia-shaped hole in their heart, you’ll be quite pleased to hear Alone Australia season 2 is now airing on SBS/streaming on SBS On Demand with a gripping new episode dropping every week.

Placed in remote wilderness, spread out away from each other, and equipped with just a handful of items from an approved list, once again, 10 Aussies will test themselves to see who can rawdog nature the longest. The prize? A life-changing sum of $250,000.

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A key difference this time around is the location — while the debut season was set in the rugged terrains of Tasmania, despite the name of the game, Alone Australia season 2 has nominated Te Waipounamu (the South Island of New Zealand) to be its backdrop.

There, these battle-hardened operators will also be tasked with documenting their own journeys. And as you’ll discover, this treacherous endeavour is equal parts mental and physical with virtually zero safety nets.

“If you don’t respect the environment here, it will slap you hard.”

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The hit reality franchise’s antipodean spin-off has also implemented a new rule: given how the first batch of hopefuls struggled with hunting in season 1, a bow and arrow has now been permitted. This means we could be seeing some possums, wild boar, red deer, and tahr meet their maker in Aotearoa.

Contestants for this edition range from 58-year-old survival educator Rick (who also happens to be a former SAS soldier) and ADF combat engineer Chace; to Aboriginal heritage programs officer Leanne and Queensland police officer turned off-gridder Tamika. Who will prevail?

Check out the Alone Australia season 2 trailer above — and keep an eye out for new episodes coming to SBS/SBS On Demand every Wednesday.

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