HBO Is Developing A ‘Constantine’ Reboot Series

HBO John Constantine Reboot Series JJ Abrams Bad Robot

Sick of reboots yet? What about superhero content? Because HBO have decided to give Constantine another stab with a brand new reboot series, developed in collaboration with the king of do-overs, JJ Abrams, and his production company Bad Robot for the WarnerMedia streamer.

Following a younger version of the character previously portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the 2005 films of the same name and Matt Ryan in the NBC series before crossing over into CW’s Arrowverse and Legends of Tomorrow, according to Variety, the HBO reboot will focus “more on the horror elements of the comics” as opposed to the religious ones.

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While there are currently no actors attached to the lead role of John Constantine – working-class warlock, occult detective, con man, and London native – reports indicate the pilot script has been penned by up and coming UK-based writer Guy Bolton, with plans for him to continue serving the HBO’s Constantine reboot series in this capacity if everything goes to plan.

Depending on how all this shapes up, the Constantine reboot will join a growing portion of modern DC related projects within the HBO Max catalogue, perhaps even help establish a larger extended universe. Most notably, there’s a spin-off series of Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson about Gotham PD in the works; John Cena is also scheduled to reprise his role as Peacemaker in another series that ties into James Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad film; and, of course, the likes of Doom Patrol, Titans, Watchmen, Stargirl can already be streamed via the platform.

Keep an eye out here for more details.