‘Entourage’ Writer Rob Weiss Is Developing A Comedy Series About Crypto
— Updated on 2 November 2021

‘Entourage’ Writer Rob Weiss Is Developing A Comedy Series About Crypto

— Updated on 2 November 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While Entourage creator Doug Ellin collaborates with Kingman director/franchise producer Matthew Vaughn and Thierry Henry, Entourage writer + producer Rob Weiss unveils his own brand new project with Beacon Pictures, Satoshi Nakamoto Productions, and the MAP Group: Hold On For Dear Life or HODL. A scripted 10-part comedy series about the world of cryptocurrency with a very exciting twist.

Not only will this entire endeavour revolve around crypto… it’ll also be the first television series ever financed by crypto. Additionally, portions of its net profits will be tokenised, with its ERC20 security token – the FDL token (For Dear Life) – now available to purchase via Securitize. Built on Ethereum using underlying smart contracts, the FDL token allows its future owner to receive pro-rata net profits from the series in their digital wallets. The showrunners even plan to mint NFTs that allows the audience to influence the storyline as it unfolds; as well as release an entire episode of the show as an NFT.

According to Deadline, here’s what we can expect from the story:

Hold on for Dear Life centres on a young tech founder Mel as she launches a token named after her best friend Aveer (who disappeared). Mel and a squad of misfits — Elvis the crypto-anarchist, Bear the Lambo-bro, DiNo the digital nomad, Liberty the opensource purist, and Satoshi — give their all in pursuit of Mel’s vision for the Aveer token. To do so, they must overcome enemies, centralised powers, and FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt).

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“When I read the Hold On for Dear Life pilot, I felt as if I had been transported into a fresh and unique universe where characters spoke about money in a whole new language,” says Rob Weiss, who has signed on to direct multiple episodes on top of producing.

“The world of currency is rapidly changing, and Hold On for Dear Life will both illuminate and entertain at the same time.”

“Crypto is about community,” says Mark Pennell, executive producer through Beacon Pictures.

“The show is an extension of that community. So, we embraced the innovation by creating an opportunity for crypto entrepreneurs to participate in a show that reflects many of their own stories.”

“As far as I know, this is the first mainstream TV show to be financed by Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Casting is currently underway for the lead roles; with cameos from prominent crypto figures like tech billionaire Tim Draper, investor Jeremy Gardner, and Crystal Rose of female-led blockchain company Sense already locked in.

Keep an eye out for updates surrounding Hold On For Dear Life right here – casting, release dates, trailers, etc.

As per the show’s Instagram page, production and the premiere date is scheduled for sometime in 2022.


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