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‘Entourage Creator’ Doug Ellin’s New Series About The Hollywood Lifestyle

Creator of HBO’s Entourage – Doug Ellin – has Hollywood in the crosshairs once again with his next television series: Ramble On….

Entourage Creator Doug Ellin Billions Stolen

‘Entourage’ Creator Doug Ellin Reveals Idea For ‘Billions’ Was Stolen From Him

Intellectual property disputes come a dime a dozen in the entertainment industry. Oftentimes, the claims are tenuous. But in the…

Entourage spin off lloyd rex lee drunk pitch HBO

Lloyd’s Drunk Pitch For An ‘Entourage’ Spin-Off Series Has Our Full Attention

Fans of HBO’s episodic wish-fulfilment for blokes – Entourage – have been repeating the same two questions since it concluded…

Hold On For Dear Life HODL Series 2

‘Entourage’ Writer Rob Weiss Is Developing A Comedy Series About Crypto

While Entourage creator Doug Ellin collaborates with Kingman director/franchise producer Matthew Vaughn and Thierry Henry, Entourage writer + producer Rob Weiss…

Jeremy Piven Podcast How U Livin J Piven Ari Gold Entourage

Jeremy Piven Launches His Own Podcast ‘How U Livin’ J Piven’

Silence might be fucking golden but a podcast these days is just par for the course, hence why Jeremy Piven…

Entourage Creator Doug Ellin - Day 1s

‘Entourage’ Creator Doug Ellin Has A New TV Series Coming Soon

The creator of HBO’s Entourage – Doug Ellin – has teamed up with Kingman director/franchise producer – Matthew Vaughn –…

entourage creator doug ellin billions stolen

Victory: The Official Entourage Podcast With Creator Doug Ellin Is Here

I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that HBO’s Entourage is – and always will…

When Kobe Bryant Honoured A Bet With The ‘Entourage’ Lads

“Eight $100 bills. Chills.”

HBO’s Entourage Mansion Sells For A Reasonable US$5.32 Million

Not a bad shout for a place where you and a few of the lads can crash.

How Dane Dunne Managed To Turn Travel And Partying Into A Career

Thanks to one brilliant idea, Dane Dunne has managed to make a livelihood out of travelling and partying with his company Entourage Tours.

Why We Really Love Entourage

With the Entourage movie less than two months away, the boys are front of mind yet again after an almost four year hiatu.