Jeep Just Dropped A ‘Groundhog Day’ Sequel With Bill Murray In Their Super Bowl Ad

It’s a good day whenever we get some fresh Bill Murray content, doubly so when its a spiritual “sequel” to Groundhog Day. Which is exactly what Jeep has provided in their latest Super Bowl ad for their upcoming Gladiator offering

In this little bit of heartwarming nostalgia meets strategically constructed marketing, Murray reprises his iconic role as Phil Connors complete with an amusing dose of meta-humour. You know… so you can forget for a moment this is all #branded. And just for good measure, Murray is also reunited with a pretty real looking groundhog.

The two abscond away from their ordinary routine and responsibility in general through a series of capers. The joke, of course, having to do with breaking the monotony in not-your-ordinary car. Or as Jeep’s copywriters have distilled into an official tagline, “… no day is the same in a Jeep Gladiator…”. 

Well, it may not be the sequel we were hoping for. But it’ll do us Murray fans for now.

Check out the full advertisement above, then read our review from the international launch of the Gladiator in New Zealand.

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