WATCH: An Astronaut’s View Of Comet Neowise Rising Above Earth In 4K

Commercial space travel may be a little while away in terms of time – and a far-reaching fantasy for many in terms of cost – but a key advantage of living in the current era is easy access to media. For example, decades ago, only a select few would have an opportunity to witness a once in 6,768 year event such as Comet Neowise. Today, we can watch it in glorious 4K resolution without any pants on.

On July 5th, NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) had front row seats to the ethereal glow of Comet Neowise – which once again for emphasis, only appears once every 6,768 years. Fully aware of how rare this occurrence was, the crew rightly decided to capture hundred of photographs, thereby preserving this moment in history.

Back on Earth, UK artist renowned for space imagery processing – Seán Doran – downloaded 550 of the high-resolution long-exposure snapshots to stitch together a seven-minute timelapse you’ll likely remember for the rest of your days. Doran tweeted the following along with the release of the footage:

“Grab a cold beverage, turn off the lights, get undressed, get comfortable, and pop this on the big TV.”

You heard the man – check it out for yourself below.