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NASA & Axiom Are Currently Designing US$35,000 ‘Space Homes’

Is it bad that I’m seriously considering one at this point?

Virgin Galactic Completes World’s First Commercial Space Terminal

The two-level facility is set to open next year.

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New space docos, every night.

Christoper Nolan’s List Of 30 Films To See Before You Die

John Wick didn’t make the cut.

The Watery Graveyard Where The International Space Station Will Go To Die

Along with 263 other spaceships at the bottom of a 2 kilometre ocean trench.

NASA Announce A Return To The Moon With Epic Hype Video

NASA has announced its commitment to return to the Moon and onwards to Mars with an inspirational hype reel following Space Policy Directive-1.

The Private Space Race: Branson Claims Virgin Galactic Is ‘Weeks’ Away From Space

“More than tantalisingly close.”

Here’s What The Edge Of Space Looks Like From A U-2 Spy Plane

Ground control to Major Franquemont.

Japanese Space Rovers Send Awesome Images From Surface Of Asteroid

Japanese Spacecraft Hayabusa-2 has successfully transmitted images from the surface of an asteroid after successfully landing two rovers on the rock’s surface.