Jupiter Saturn Mars Venus

PSA: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars & Venus Will Align With Full Visibility From Earth This Weekend

As they say, the best things in life are free. When it comes to what to watch and experience this…

moon samples from neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong’s Moon Samples From The Apollo 11 Mission Are Heading To Auction

While whisky, wine, watches and wheels are regulars in some of the world’s most illustrious auctions, very rarely do potential…


SpaceX Will Launch A Spacewalk With An All-Civilian Crew This Year

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Is a pretty standard question for children, with a pretty…

Hubble telescope galaxy

Hubble Telescope Photo Shows One Galaxy Ripping Solar Systems From Another

While the picture above might not immediately stand out to you as spectacular, the scale of what it captures is…

Space Entertainment Enterprise SEE 1 Film Studio 2024

A New Film Studio Will Be Launched In Space By 2024

Space Entertainment Enterprise has previously flirted with mainstream recognition when it was announced as the producing partner for Doug Liman’s…

Sir Richard Branson Virgin Galactic ticket price

Virgin Galactic Ticket Price Confirmed To Start From $610,000

Looking to leave planet? Those of you considering billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic are – unsurprisingly – staring…

Blue Origin New Shepard launch.0.0

Blue Origin Launch: How To Watch Bezos’ First New Shepard Spaceflight

American billionaire Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, an 82-year-old aviator and a paying teenage tourist are set to lift off today, July 20th,…

Oliver Daemen 18 Year Old Jeff Bezos Space Blue Origin 1

Meet The 18-Year-Old Joining Jeff Bezos In Space

Dutch teen Oliver Daemen has been confirmed as the final passenger joining Jeff Bezos on Blue Origin’s maiden crewed spaceflight….

jeff bezos petition space deny re entry earth

15,000 Sign A Petition To Deny Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth

Close to 15,000 individuals have signed a petition calling to deny Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos re-entry to Earth after his Blue…

Discovery Channel Who Wants To Be An Astronaut

Discovery Channel’s ‘Who Wants To Be An Astronaut?’ Will Actually Send An Ordinary Punter To Space

Space travel is practically being handed out like candy these days. Every other week, there’s headlines about a charity raffle,…

Jeff Bezos Space Blue Origin New Shepard

Jeff Bezos Is Going To Space

When you’ve built an empire that world governments are struggling to regulate, accrued a staggering net worth of $200 billion,…

Blue Origin launches auction for a seat on board first human space flight

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Launches Auction For A Spot On Its First Space Tourism Flight

Jeff Bezos’ space venture company, Blue Origin, has announced a launch date the first all-civilian flight on board its suborbital…