— 11 September 2023

‘Welcome To Wrexham’ Season 2 Australia Release Date

— 11 September 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

When the headlines reported that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had bought a fifth-tier Welsh football club, none of us could have possibly imagined it’d result in perhaps the greatest sporting underdog story of our generation.

Now, a little under a year since the first instalment of the hit docuseries’ finale, the Welcome To Wrexham season 2 release date is finally upon us (September 12th in the US via FX; September 13th in Australia via Disney+).

Here’s everything else we know about the forthcoming episodes.

'Welcome To Wrexham' Season 2 Premieres This September

Has Welcome To Wrexham season 2 been confirmed?

Last year, a week after the season one finale aired/streamed, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds confirmed Welcome To Wrexham season 2 had been greenlit on Twitter.

“We can also confirm there will be a season two of Welcome To Wrexham for our millions of new fans,” Reynolds revealed in a video post.

McElhenney jokingly added in reference to his tenure on FX’s longstanding comedy series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: “Season two will return next year [2023]. I have a clause in my contract that stipulates I will not do anything less than 16 seasons of a TV show.”

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Why the second season of Welcome To Wrexham is bringing major entertainment

At the risk of spoiling what’s to come, it must be said: Wrexham AFC has been killing it since we last checked in with them via docuseries.

After losing to Grimsby Town in overtime during the season 1 finale, narrowly failing to gain promotion out of the National League in the process, the Red Dragons picked themselves up, dusted their kit off, and got to work. Essentially living up to the “maximum effort” ethos of Reynolds’ Deadpool.

Aside from mounting a wildly successful campaign for promotion out of the National League — the fifth tier of the English football pyramid — and into the English Football League (EFL) League Two after their 3-1 victory against Boreham Wood, the Wrexham football club has actually made history.

Welcome To Wrexham Season 2 Will Be Bloody Entertaining

As some of you may recall from all the hyped news coverage, the team managed to be the only National League team to reach the fourth round of the 2022–23 FA Cup, beating Coventry City FC in a huge third-round upset.

Although they would eventually get knocked out at the hands/feet of Sheffield United, they put up a helluva fight. The first game between Wrexham AFC and the Blades became ESPN’s most followed football game across its digital platforms.

Still, returning to EFL League Two after a 15-year absence will certainly make for killer viewing.

There’s also a good chance we’ll be following the Wrexham AFC Women, as alluded to via tweet by Rob McElhenney, which dominated the Genero Adran Noth league after also finishing runners-up in the 2021-22 season.

Do we know the Welcome To Wrexham season 2 cast members?

'Welcome To Wrexham' Season 2 Premieres This September

Aside from Wrexham AFC co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, whatever surprise celebrity cameos they have in store for us a la Reynolds’ Sprited co-star Will Ferrell and David Beckham himself in the first season, as well as the legions of Wrexham fans, you can expect an appearance from the following:

Wrexham AFC Players

  • Rob Lainton (goalkeeper)
  • Christian Dibble (goalkeeper)
  • Mark Howard (goalkeeper)
  • Kai Calderbank-Park (goalkeeper)
  • Reece Hall-Johnson (defender)
  • Callum McFadzean (defender)
  • Ben Tozer (defender)
  • Aaron Hayden (defender)
  • Jordan Tunnicliffe (defender)
  • Bryce Hosannah (defender)
  • Jacob Mendy (defender)
  • Scott Butler (defender)
  • Ryan Austin (defender)
  • Harry Lennon (defender)
  • Max Cleworth (defender)
  • Aaron James (defender)
  • Dan Davies Midfielder (defender)
  • Jordan Davies (midfielder)
  • Luke Young (midfielder)
  • Anthony Forde (midfielder)
  • Tom O’Connor (midfielder)
  • James Jones (midfielder)
  • Kai Evans (midfielder)
  • Will Mountfield (midfielder)
  • Tom Jenkins (midfielder)
  • Andy Cannon (midfielder)
  • Ollie Palmer (forward)
  • Paul Mullin (forward)
  • Liam McAlinden (forward)
  • Jake Bickerstaff (forward)
  • Dan Jones (forward)
  • Elliot Lee (forward)
  • Jake Hyde (forward)
  • Sam Dalby (forward)

Wrexham AFC Staff

  • Phil Parkinson (manager)
  • Steve Parkin (assistant manager)
  • Aidan Davison (goalkeeping coach)
  • Owen Jackson (sports scientist)
  • Jonny Griffiths (head physiotherapist)
  • Kyle Crutchley (performance analyst)
  • Andy Kidby (chief scout)
  • Iwan Pugh-Jones (kitman)
  • Dan Noland (Centre of Excellence manager)
  • Gemma Bamford (youth team physiotherapist)
  • Nathan Sznerch (club doctor)

Wrexham AFC Board

  • Fleur Robinson (CEO)
  • Dixie McNeil (honorary president)
  • Humphrey Ker (executive director)
Welcome To Wrexham Season 2 Will Be Bloody Entertaining

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When is the Welcome To Wrexham season 2 release date?

As outlined in the opening paragraph: over in the US, Welcome To Wrexham season 2 officially premieres on September 12th via FX before hitting Hulu on September 13th (meaning Disney+ here in Australia).

Is there a Welcome To Wrexham season 2 trailer?

There is now a Welcome To Wrexham season 2 trailer (and it’ll bring a tear to your eyes). Check it out at the very top of this article.

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