Japanese master golfing craftsmen, Honma, have just dropped their Honma Beres 06 golf clubs - and there's something about them that is sure to make you stand out on the green.

That something is 18k gold inlays, lining the clubs to create a truly luxurious aesthetic. Golf courses are renowned for being the meeting spot for society's wealthiest but this is really bringing another level to the game.

honma 1

But don't let the shiny parts deceive you; the Honma Beres 06's are still finely made, handcrafted instruments of golfing excellence. Apart from the gold, the clubs also feature iron heads forged from a more mild, malleable steel as well as shafts built from ten layers of hand-laid carbon fibre.

As is the case with all Honma products, these clubs will be made one-by-one, forged by the hands of an experienced craftsman, and entrusted with that intricate Japanese ingenuity.

If you're happy to drop a cool 70 grand on these golf clubs then head over to Honma's site now. 

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