The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia For 2019
— 12 February 2019

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia For 2019

— 12 February 2019

Everybody wouldn’t mind being rich, but choosing the right career to make this a reality can be a challenging decision. Graduating from high school or completing your Bachelor of Arts doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a high paying job, but the team over at job- site Seek has done their best to help guide you on that front. 

The company highlighted the highest paying jobs of 2018 and compared them to the highest paying jobs of 2013, finding some interesting results. The biggest takeaway from the data is that jobs in technology have replaced those in the mining industry, with people in the information and technology sector now raking in the big bucks. 

IT Architects are the big winners, who on average make a cool $138,444. It’s a profession I have no clue about, but according to Cristian Bojinca, the author of aptly titled book How To Become An IT Architect, the job revolves around “a person who can come up with a high level solution for a business portfolio, application, system, infrastructure or the entire enterprise.”

Elsewhere, engineers, IT and mining managers and lawyers round out the top five paying jobs, with insurance and superannuation managers landing in the number 10 spot with an annual average of $124,320.

So if you’re contemplating a career change or unsure what to study at university, here’s are the 10 best career choices to make sure you’re raking in the big bucks.

10. Insurance & Superannuation Manager – $124,320

9. Construction Project Manager – $124,603

8. Construction Management – $126,122

7. Financial Management Accountant – $126,906

6. Strategy & Planning Accountant – $128,373

5. Lawyer – $128,988

4. Mining Manager – $131,462

3. IT Manager – $132,307

2. Engineer – $133,927

1. IT Architect – $138,444

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