6 Best Finance Podcasts To Fuel Your Daily Hustle
— 9 October 2018

6 Best Finance Podcasts To Fuel Your Daily Hustle

— 9 October 2018
Madelyn May
Madelyn May

Podcasts are a beautiful thing- an easy source of informational background noise to help you gain knowledge and information whilst commuting, working out, or doing literally whatever you want. Here are some great ones that will make you smarter, more informed, and over-all more boss. Find them on the Podcast App, Spotify, or wherever you get your best podcasts.

The Investors Podcast

The #1 stock investing podcast worldwide with over 25 million downloads and counting. Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen provide investment ideas and teachings by taking a closer look into the lives of billionaires such as Richard Branson and Warren Buffet. By examing the habits and strategies of highly successful investors, this podcast provides insight as to how to apply the same habits to your own life. Listen along and you might start to see changes to the way you think about managing your personal finances.

Equity Mates

Started by two mates from university, Bryce and Alex, as a method of helping their friends who wanted to start investing but didn’t know where to begin. This podcast breaks down the world of investing and makes it more accessible for everyone. They cover a wide range of topics, from the ASX to taxation to what it takes to build your own portfolio. Essentially like listening to some knowledgeable friends talk to you about all things finance.

NPR: Planet Money

Dubbed ‘The Economy Explained’. Though created for Americans, this certainly should not be skipped by Australians. This podcast deals with current international events and discusses the financial impact they could have on consumers worldwide. Imagine calling up a friend and saying “meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy” and having it be a fun evening. That’s NPR’s goal with Planet Money.

Financial Autonomy

One of the best podcasts you can find with a short runtime of just 30 minutes. The host Paul Benson brings in experts on a variety of money topics to discuss their opinions and advice. Recent titles include Pay Off The Mortgage or Invest?, Can You Pass The Financial Literacy Test?, and The 10 Worst Things You Can Do to Prepare For Retiring Early. Get ready to learn in rapid time.

The Money

This ABC podcast explains how the Australian economy and everything in it works, and how this all connects to the global economy. Economics affects everything—from why milk is cheap and iTunes expensive, to the real cost of obesity and where the local chemist is. All of these things are connected and they all add up. The Money explains how.

My Millennial Money

Probably the only money podcast to be found in the comedy section. Three millennials (a lawyer, a personal property coach, and a money expert) discuss modern day money matters… in a fun way. A nice mix of practical money tips and banter while discussing topics such as buying a first home, turning a passion into cash, and the economics of marriage, prenups, and more.

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