If Your Name Is ‘Andrew’, You’re More Likely To Become A CEO Than Anyone Else

An eye-opening study conducted by Conrad Liveris sourcing data from publicly available company disclosures and ABS data confirms that there are more chief executive officers named “Andrew” leading ASX 200 companies than there are women CEOs overall.

It was found that 7 per cent of all ASX 200 CEOs were ‘Andrews’ and only 5.5 per cent were women, incidentally the same percentage as the number of top dogs named ‘Michael’.

“The average Australian CEO is a man, most likely named Andrew or Michael,” Mr Liveris said. “Before becoming CEO, he likely headed a business unit or was the chief financial officer of that company.”

The typical CEO studied engineering or commerce and is likely to have started his career in the consulting or finance industry. You can view the common traits of most Australian CEOs below.