Dream Job: This Aussie Company Wants To Pay You $200,000 To Hang Out With Entrepreneurs

Dream Job: This Aussie Company Wants To Pay You $200,000 To Hang Out With Entrepreneurs

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.

That’s not some throwaway advice your old man might have told you back in the day – it’s gospel for the world of business – and should be your bread and butter for life in general.

So if we told you that there’s an exclusive and luxurious club comprising of the country’s most influential and successful business personalities that is looking for someone to manage their members – and pay you $200k a year to do so – you’d pay attention, right?

Damn right you would. Just out of the public eye tucked away in the corners of Sydney and Melbourne’s busiest business districts are the exclusive clubhouses of ‘CUB’ or ‘Club of United Business‘. They’re the créme de la créme of business hangouts for Australia’s business elite.

The spaces rival those of any international first class airport lounge you can think of, and boast an elite level of service to match. You’d expect that for a network of clients whose collective yearly revenue tops out at over $6.2 billion (and that’s not even including the members who run publicly listed companies).

As of right now, CUB is offering four discerning and ambitious individuals (two in Melbourne and two in Sydney) that thrive off the hustle to join the membership management teams for their exclusive operations. If you enjoy working in freedom, have a drive for all things business and can gel with just about any personality then you might soon see yourself raking in $200,000 for the privilege.

You’ll need to be confident in growing a vetted group of established business leaders who can each bring experience and knowledge beneficial to the CUB community. A knack for seamlessly facilitating introductions and encouraging relationships between clients is also a must, along with an eager, sales-orientated approach that has experience with C-Suite clientele.

200 grand a year to grow relationships with the most influential business personalities in the country, all the while in the most luxurious office setting you’ll ever find?