Brands Are Paying AU$138 Million To Feature In ‘No Time To Die’

Brands Are Paying AU$138 Million To Feature In ‘No Time To Die’

We’re well aware that product placement deals in cinema throughout history have been ludicrous. We don’t think we’ve ever heard of so much cash being funnelled into a single film, however, with reports from the Daily Mail suggesting that the 25th instalment of the Bond franchise will be backed by a total of £75 million (AU$138 million) from various brands.

Within the regular roster of recent James Bond sponsors, French champagne label Maison Bollinger has specifically paid a whopping £10 million (AU$18.4 million) to continue their partnership with the franchise that has been ongoing for 40 years.

It’s also known that Dutch brewing powerhouse Heineken paid £28 million (AU$51.5 million) to be in Skyfall and they’ve decided to commit another yet-to-be-disclosed amount to Bond 25. Belvedere’s president Charles Gibb told the Guardian that this next film sponsorship will be “the largest global partnership we have done to date.”

Aston Martin and Omega, despite their associations with the spy across decades, still have to pay their way for each outing also. Other recurring brands such as Tom Ford, Macallan and Persol will also return for Bond 25, making up the remaining cash among others to reach the AU$138 million total.

If you’re curious as to how many brands have sponsored the Bond franchise and for which film, you can check out Hollywood Branded’s comprehensive infographic here.

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