Cristiano Ronaldo Is Now The Most Followed Person On Instagram

With follower numbers in the hundreds of millions, a difference of a few hundred thousand probably isn’t something given much notice. Yesterday, however, a few hundred thousand followers meant that Selena Gomez, who has held the top spot for most Instagram followers for over two years now, was officially dethroned. In her place is Cristiano Ronaldo, with 144,482,390 followers to her 144,367,090.

This isn’t too incredibly surprising given that Gomez has been on a social media hiatus, announcing September 24th that she was taking a step back to live life more in the present moment. Definitely a respectable reason to fall to second on the leaderboard. 

Gomez’s post has garnered over eight million likes with fans begging for a prompt return. But until then, its all eyes on Ronaldo, the 33-year-old Portuguese footballer. Lots of eyes and followers can mean good or bad things, as Ronaldo continues to make some great plays on the field but also has been recently making news headlines regarding rape allegations. We’ll see whether or not all of this publicity is indeed good publicity.

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