Snoop Dogg’s Professional Joint Roller Prepared 150 Blunts A Day
— 28 October 2022

Snoop Dogg’s Professional Joint Roller Prepared 150 Blunts A Day

— 28 October 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

The fact that legendary rapper and known herb enthusiast – Snoop Dogg (real name: Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) – employs a full-time professional joint roller has been an endless source of public fascination.

At one point, the coveted position was held by a woman called Renegade Piranha, who gave us a taste of what the day-to-day resembled during her appearance on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

“For my entire life – I haven’t done calculations – but we did one time, just for fun, do a little calculation of how many I may have rolled since 2016 when I got the professional gig for Snoop and then all the other clients after,” said Renegade Piranha.

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Snoop Dogg Professional Joint Roller Prepared 150 Blunts A Day

“We calculated it somewhere around a little over 450,000.”

“On average a day, I do about a quarter pound to a half pound a day, which seems excessive. So that’s roughly like 75 to 150 units per day.”

It is worth noting, however, that it wasn’t all for Uncle Snoop. Piranha did occasionally service other clients and work the odd marijuana-themed event.

“We’ve rolled so many that my hands have kind of become little machines now,” she admitted.

“It’s a service that I provide, much like an assistant. I don’t provide the flower or the medicinal cannabis… it’s like a bartender doesn’t provide the liquor.”

Back in 2019Snoop Dogg revealed that becoming his professional joint roller entailed a base annual salary of approximately US$50,000 (AU$77,600), which has since been increased due to inflation; he added the anonymous employee in question also had access to an unlimited supply of marijuana, free food, and free clothes in exchange for their services.

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“That motherfucker is like Lurch from the Addams Family. ‘You rang?’” Snoop Dogg quipped about who we assume is the current employee while appearing on The Howard Stern Show alongside 420-friendly associate Seth Rogen.

“Timing. That motherfucker’s timing is impeccable. That’s his J-O-B, his occupation. On his resume, it says: ‘What do you do? I’m a blunt roller.’ P-B-R. Professional blunt roller.” 

“If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you.”

“He knows how to gauge the look on somebody’s face when it seems like they want a blunt, and if they do, he gives you one,” confirmed Seth Rogen.

“There’s been like 40 minutes where I’m, like… I’m just watching this guy and I’m just going to see what is going on here. As someone who smokes a lot of weed, it’s fucking fascinating.”

“Honestly, the amount of time I spend rolling joints, it might be worth my while financially to hire someone to do that.”

In an episode of Jobs Unlisted by Complex, host Speedy Morman learned Waka Flocka Flame had someone similar on his payroll earning roughly the same money.

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Quavo of Migos fame, on the other hand, apparently employs a personal assistant by the name of Joshua Washington who’d undoubtedly be charged with similar duties among other tasks: ranging from polishing his icy collection of jewellery, to whatever Operations Management entails over at Quavo’s record label Huncho Records.

For Washington’s troubles, he takes home an alleged sum of US$5,000 (AU$7,700) per day. That’s roughly US$1.82 million (AU$2.82 million) per year before taxes.

“My assistant a millionaire!” Quavo proclaimed on Instagram.

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