JPMorgan Advertises Job With A Generous $40,000 “Annual Restaurant Budget”
— Updated on 21 May 2023

JPMorgan Advertises Job With A Generous $40,000 “Annual Restaurant Budget”

— Updated on 21 May 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

It sounds like a punchline about those long midweek “client lunches” investment bankers are so damn fond of taking – we’ve all read Straight To Hell – but JPMorgan Chase is actually looking to hire somebody for a position that comes with a US$30,000 (AU$43,500) “annual restaurant budget” on top of a healthy six-figure starting salary. Bonus: the positions in question don’t have anything to do with the finance world.

For context, back in 2021, the bank acquired a restaurant review operation known as The Infatuation to offer customers “exceptional benefits, useful content, and one-of-a-kind experiences at scale.” Now, they’re on the hunt for a senior editor based in New York City – as well as a staff writer based in London – to professionally dine out and about on the company dime.

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“This position is an editing job and also very much an eating job – you’ll get a $30,000 annual restaurant budget for dining out. If that sounds amazing rather than intimidating to you, we should talk!” reads the job listing.

Key responsibilities include the following:

  • Edit every review, guide, and newsletter for The Infatuation NYC
  • Research and fact-check the historical and cultural context of various cuisines, dishes, and neighbourhoods
  • Manage a team of diverse writers in New York City
JPMorgan Hiring For A Job With $40K "Annual Restaurant Budget"

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All the gig really demands of you vis-a-vis qualification is five+ years of editing experience, people management skills, excellent copy-editing and fact-checking skills – “you love grammar and would lose sleep over a missing comma or a misspelled menu item – a solid understanding of The Infatuation voice + brand, and of course, passion for the game.

Anyone keen on earning between US$85,000 and US$130,000 (AU$123,000 to AU$188,500) in addition to enjoying that $43,500 “annual restaurant budget” courtesy of JPMorgan Chase should hit the link below.

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