How To Be A Boss When Talking To Yours
— 8 October 2018

How To Be A Boss When Talking To Yours

— 8 October 2018
Madelyn May
Madelyn May

Exactly what it sounds like: a guide on how to be confident, clear, and communicative when speaking to your boss. Start your week off strong.

Be Concise

You’re busy. Your boss is busier. The best thing you can do for the both of you is be clear and concise. Avoid giving too much background information that is irrelevant to the matter at hand and instead concisely summarise the situation so that your boss can make a decision in an efficient and timely manner. Think of it as a situational elevator pitch.

Suggest Solutions.

Here are two ways to do this: you could approach your boss with a problem and begin the conversation with “What should I do about X?”. Conversely, you could make yourself a real asset by saying “Here’s the situation with X. I’ve come up with solutions A, B, and C and here’s why I think we should pursue C. What do you think?”. I’m guessing you can see why the latter is the better choice.

Show Value.

Remember that you were hired for a reason. Be it your qualifications, experience, or character, there’s something about you that led your boss to believe you had skills and ideas that would benefit the company. Don’t be shy about voicing these opinions. Bosses want employees willing to speak up about realities and challenges while offering smart suggestions.

Be Loyal.

A working relationship is just that: a relationship. If you are loyal to them, chances are they will be loyal to you. Avoid keeping work-related secrets and if you’ve made a mistake at work, own up to it.

Take On Tasks.

If you have the time to do more tasks and do them well, offer to take on more workplace responsibilities, particularly those that your boss may not enjoy. This will not only please your boss but will also help you to learn more aspects of the company, putting you in a greater position to move up the career ladder.

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