How To Hack Your Confidence With CMC’s ‘The Artful Trader’ Podcast
— 12 December 2019

How To Hack Your Confidence With CMC’s ‘The Artful Trader’ Podcast

— 12 December 2019
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

They say confidence is key when it comes to achieving success. And if success is what you truly desire, then there’s only one podcast you’ll need: The Artful Trader. The best part? It’s completely free.

Presented by CMC Markets – one of the world’s leading independent financial services providers and the second largest retail stockbroker in Australia – and hosted by Michael McCarthy (CMC Markets Chief Market Strategist), this hit podcast series has just launched its third season: ‘Confidence Uncovered’. And you’ll want to stick around to hear this…

Top-order expertise on hand

Ranging from industry disruptors, globally recognised traders, behavioural experts, some high-calibre names you can expect this time around will include:

  • Denise Shull: Neuroeconomics coach and the inspiration behind Billions’ character, Wendy Rhoades
  • Pat Rafter: former World No. 1 Tennis player
  • Tim Fung: CEO and co-founder of Airtasker
  • Sara Laamanen: Performance coach specialising in ‘Rapid Transformational Therapy’ for C-Suite executives and traders
  • Dave Floyd, John Netto: Founder of Aspen Trading Group and founder of Netto Numbers
  • Harry Crane: Professor of statistics in profitability and logic

Listen to find out what these world-class experts have to say here.

This season, the podcast seeks to explore how confidence factors into success, more specifically in the realms of finance. With personal and professional insights from guest speakers who are among the best in their respective fields. Via The Artful Trader, you can extract lessons which can be applied to: 

  • keeping your emotions in check when money is on the line
  • bouncing back from those harder-hitting losses
  • trading more effectively
  • as well as building up your own confidence – all hopefully translating into tangible, real-life success

None of this Tony Robbins metaphysical manifestation malarky.

A masterclass on psychology & finance  

Episodes currently available include the instalment with Pat Rafter, who serves up some valuable perspective on overcoming loss, carefully navigating overconfidence, as well as maintaining mental stamina in the face of high-pressured competition. All of which coloured with the narrative of his own journey on the way up to international tennis stardom.

Another instalment currently available features Dave Floyd and John NettoIn this episode, the two compare notes on their “wildly different” approaches to trading, and “surprising similarities” to the way they operate. Especially when it comes to the balancing act of managing confidence and doubt – which only serves to inform their pragmatism (and avoid unnecessary risk).

Other points of discussion include how doubt is “healthy” in this space, the pitfalls of human behaviour when it comes to trading, the painstaking preparation the two traders have attributed to their success, as well as their trading strategies.

Popping the psychological hood, Sara Laamanen’s episode in particular caught our attention. Taking a slightly alternative route from the majority of the other guests, Laamanen explores how the very seeds of childhood experience ripples into the later stages of life – and how it subsequently impacts on our approach to both confidence and money. Even more intriguing are her prescriptions for overcoming intrapersonal issues associated with this.

Where can you access this for FREE?

Season three of The Artful Trader is now available for download across all relevant podcasting platforms. But to make things a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and included a direct link below.

Download these valuable injections of knowledge here.

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