Bloke Turns $20 Into $579,000 By Predicting Final Scores Of NFL Championship Games

NFL Championship Games Bet

It’s the stuff of dreams. The kind of thing ordinary folks like you and I only encounter in pub chat, internet virality, and our wildest fantasies. In defiance of all odds, the bookmakers, and God himself, one lucky punter has cashed out $579,020 worth of winnings from their $20 bet after predicting the final scores of both 2022 NFL championship games.

What are the chances someone would correctly guess the Cincinnati Bengals would upset the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 and that the Los Angeles Rams would triumph over the San Francisco 49ers 20-17? According to Bloomberg, the probability of calling the American Conference championship + National Conference title match’s exact outcomes was just 0.03%. Or three times in every 10,000 attempts. Although our headliner wasn’t the only success story on this occasion…

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FanDuel Sportsbook spokesperson Kevin Hennessy confirmed two other members of the universe’s chosen few managed to win big with similar exact-score multis (or “parlay bets”, as the Yanks like to call them). One gambler turned $5 into $145,000, while another made threw an equally negligible $2 down and copped a comparatively heftier $58,000 in return.

“It’s truly amazing to see a customer pick the exact score of both conference championship games,” says Kevin Hennessy.

“We had some very happy customers last night.”

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This 2022 NFL championship games bet will no doubt be immortalised within the pantheon of punting legends. Right alongside that time some local hero turned a single dollar into $679,894 with his fully-loaded golf multi; as well as the time some Finnish operator overcame 166,990/1 odds after Pierre Gasly, Carlos Sainz, and Lance Stroll finished at the 2020 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix (Monza) in successive fashion – effectively turning 20 cents into €33,398.

Ya love to see it.