How To Stop Daydreaming And Start Chasing Your Dreams
— Updated on 25 June 2021

How To Stop Daydreaming And Start Chasing Your Dreams

— Updated on 25 June 2021

Do you find yourself gazing away fantasising about that villa on the beach, driving that new hypercar, or simply doing better and getting ahead? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Daydreaming is the best and worst accidental pastime a man can have. We daydream our lives away waiting for the weekend, and before we know it, Monday morning has brutally awoken us again. Most people don’t pay attention to their daydreams, but they can reveal a lot more than you realise. Daydreaming is a fantastic source of Boss Hunting material.

For me, Boss Hunting is the active pursuit of these daydreams. It’s seeing the amazing sights, living the incredible experiences, and that feeling of winning. It’s truly enjoying life, every damn day.

So why then should these fantasies be limited to our minds? What’s stopping you from driving that new Aston Martin, lapping it up on the beaches of Mykonos, or simply pursuing a better life?

Where do we start? With the basics. The most basic and fundamental change we can make is to our mindset; and it’s surprisingly easy to change for the better.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to stop daydreaming and start Boss Hunting today:

1. Make a list. A proper list.

Write down 5 things you really want to achieve. This is actually harder than it sounds. Take your time, and think deep. Money or the gravity of what you desire should not be an object here; if you desire it, write it down.

Don’t just limit yourself to possessions however; you might desire experiences, skills, anything!

If it’s a 300 foot super yacht you want, or to be fluent in 10 languages, write it down. The biggest mistake people make is limiting themselves before they’ve even decided, and ultimately not realising what they really want.

2. Chase That Feeling

As humans, we operate through emotion and experiences. Take a moment and imagine, when you achieve that goal or dream you have been aiming for, how will it make you feel? What will each of your five senses be experiencing? This is often an overlooked aspect of our dreams and goals, however, this is just as important as the dream. These feelings are what drive us to achieve these goals in the first place. Once you have outlined your ultimate goals, what reactions and sensations will you associate with achieving each one of them? Don’t be afraid to be detailed here.

For example, you might associate the dream of owning the new Jaguar F Type with the feeling of wind in your hair, glorious sun beating down on your face, the subtle whine of the supercharger, and all of the dashing looks as you drive the streets.

We are emotional beings. Chase those feelings, hard.

3. Visualize

Seeing is believing. Visual reminders are a fantastic method to keep you motivated and on track. Find some pictures that represent your dream, and place them on your bedroom wall. Let it be the first thing you wake up to, and the last thing you fall asleep to.

If it’s a holiday, find that picture of the beach you want to be sipping cocktails on. If it’s a weight goal, photoshop yourself onto what you want to look like!

It’s easy to get distracted with the monotony of day to day life, and having visual reminders helps to keep you pushing for what you want to achieve: your bigger picture.

4. Reward Yourself

Half the fun of baking a cake is licking the bowl. It’s the smaller reward prior to achieving the end goal: baking the cake. It’s fun, motivating, and tastes great! Why should achieving your dreams be any different?

Break your dream down into smaller goals, each with a reward for achieving it. Not only is it easier to keep on track toward your overall dream, but having rewards along the way gives us a sense of achievement and makes it fun.

For example, the first step to the dream of owning a Ferrari might be booking one in for a test drive. The reward for losing 5kg might be that new pair of kicks that you have been eyeing off for weeks, and later on, a bespoke tailor made suit.

Keep the act of achieving your dreams fun, and there will be no reason to give up.

5. Be Honest

Finally, be true to yourself, because there’s no one else who can be truer than you. Dreams and goals may change as a result of life not going to plan, or sometimes we just get lazy. Regardless, don’t make excuses.

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one”
– George Washington.

Making excuses simply delays your dreams. Be honest with yourself, accept the situation, reassess , and keep pushing for your dreams.

Good luck!

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