James Buckley Has Become A Millionaire By Calling Blokes “Briefcase Wanker” On Cameo
— 4 October 2022

James Buckley Has Become A Millionaire By Calling Blokes “Briefcase Wanker” On Cameo

— 4 October 2022

While this headline might sound like the sort of lie that The Inbetweeners‘ Jay Cartwright himself would tell, it’s completely true. Thanks to his involvement with the celebrity bespoke video sharing platform Cameo, James Buckley is now knee-deep in clunge cash.

James Buckley, now 35 years old, first joined Cameo back in March 2020 as a way of passing the time when lockdowns hit. In his introductory video on the website, Buckley claimed he was “here for the money” and promised to “hurl insults” for birthdays and other occasions in the foul-mouthed fashion of his most iconic character.

He boasts an impressive 98% five-star rating across 5,674 reviews. James Buckley is also said to have fulfilled more Cameos than any of it’s other high-profile names, having recorded “tens of thousands” of personalised videos for his fans. This has effectively made him the first UK millionaire the platform has ever produced, responding to up to 37 requests for videos per day.

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“James was incredibly popular from the start, but he’s stayed committed to his fans, always keeping an accessible price (even during his busiest periods) and giving his all to make each Cameo special,” said Cameo co-founder Martin Blencowe.

“In return, he’s gained the financial freedom and overwhelming fan support to pursue the projects he’s most passionate about like 2:22 – A Ghost Story, the West End play I was fortunate enough to see him and Tom star in, and his family’s YouTube channel, At Home With The Buckleys.”

While James Buckley seems to enjoy rattling off Jay’s most iconic phrases on Cameo, he has stated on several occasions that he won’t ever officially return to he role. After three seasons of television and two subsequent films, Buckley intends to keep the franchise untarnished and “universally loved.”

“There’s not enough money in the world for me to spoil that.”

If you are itching for more nonsense stories about the “Caravan Club,” you’re going to have to hit the link below. Prices range between €47 (AU$83) and €63 (AU$110).

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