Top Management Principles Of Tadashi Yanai, Japan’s Richest Man

Top Management Principles Of Tadashi Yanai, Japan’s Richest Man

Tadashi Yanai is the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company. What was once a single men’s tailoring shop, originally his father’s, is now a worldwide casual-wear giant worth an estimated $30.4 billion USD, thanks to what Yanai credits to 23 management principles that he claims are the soul of the company.

While his path to success and fortune wasn’t always smooth sailing, Yanai’s story has helped to mould him and the growth of his global empire.

When he joined his father’s business in 1972, 6 of the 7 employees left fearing he would soon take over as CEO. At this point Yanai began managing all sectors of the business himself. This responsibility caused him to really observe the business, what it did and why it did it and through this, the principles were born.

The principles are now broken down into eight key themes.

1. Put Customers First

2. Contribute to Society

3. Embrace optimism

4. Learn From Failure

5. Focus on the Details

6. Be Your Own Critic

7. Connect to the World

8. Disrupt Yourself

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