LinkedIn’s Top 25 Startups In Australia For 2019
— Updated on 5 May 2021

LinkedIn’s Top 25 Startups In Australia For 2019

— Updated on 5 May 2021
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

LinkedIn has released its second annual ‘Top Startups’ ranking, uncovering the young Aussie companies that all of you want to work for.

To be eligible, companies have to be seven years old or younger, have at least 50 employees and be privately held and headquartered in Australia. 

Aside from these hard requirements, the real focus of the list was to award those startups that were growing with pace in a turbulent industry, shifting talent flows around the world and ultimately altering how both their employees (and we as consumers) work and live. 

These are the top 25 most sought-after startups Australians want to work for in 2019. For the full criteria and a breakdown on each, head to

1. Judo Bank

2. Canva

3. Volt Bank

4. Mantel Group

5. Xinja

6. Athena Home Loans

7. Shippit

8. Viridian Advisory

9. Assembly Payments

10. Sonder

11. Flare HR

12. Alex Solutions

13. Integrity Life

14. Moula  

15. Verdia  

16. Versent  

17. GetCapital  

18. RedEye Apps  

19. GO1  

20. Barhead Solutions  

21. Cover Genius  

22. Enable Professional Services  

23. Clinic to Cloud

24. HiSmile  

25. LegalVision 

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Some of the standout benefits offered by the top startups to their employees are below:

  • GO1 offers ‘volunteer leave’ – if employees use their annual leave for volunteering, GO1 will cover half of their leave as volunteer leave.
  • Canva provides team and personal coaching to its employees with training workshops provided by Canva University and two full-time coaches in Sydney.
  • Viridian Advisory is owned by its staff and clients — which means all staff have the ability to buy shares in the business.
  • Cover Genius has partnered with Good Return and has launched – CG Gives, a social good program that enables team members to become philanthropists and fund charitable contributions.
  • RedEye’s Recharge Days are a core part of supporting mental health in the workplace. Each team member receives one recharge day every six months each year that is exclusive of their annual leave and sick leave.
  • Judo Bank offers the FINSIA program to all employees to ensure they all have the banking fundamentals as a minimum but also offers a Master of Finance to those who wish to progress their learning.

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