US Rapper Logic Drops Over $300K On Rare Pokemon Card

When US emcee Logic announced his retirement earlier this year, he stated the primary reason for dropping the mic was due to his desire to focus solely on fatherhood. But he never said anything about becoming a Pokemaster.

It seems his rather expensive ambitions in the world of Pokemon have now been revealed, with news emerging of Logic’s record-breaking bid to purchase a rare first-edition Charizard card for the eye-watering price of USD$226,000 (~AU$315,000 at the time of publishing) – if we’re factoring in the buyer’s premium. 

To put that into perspective, that’s enough to buy a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera and have enough left over for a lavish jaunt around the world (assuming international travel is on the cards, of course).

The card was worth so much because of a small glitch in the artwork, omitting the usual shadow on the right side of the stage-three fire Pokemon. The printing error is glaring, but the card was still pristine enough to get a Gem Mint 10 from card grading company PSA, which denotes a “virtually perfect card” and is the highest rating possible.

Logic’s purchase sets a new record for the highest known sale of any Nintendo collectable to date, topping previous sales like a full set of 1999 Pokemon cards being snatched up for over $150,000 AUD last year. It also rises above other cases of celebrity-endorsed Pokemania like YouTube and serial pest Logan Paul blowing $216,000 USD ($301,129 at the time of publishing) on a Pokemon base set booster box. 

The purchase isn’t as big of a surprise as one would think. Logic has long made it known that he’s a fiend for Pokemon cards, stating on his Instagram that as a child he would trade food stamps for cards because he couldn’t actually afford the packs and that he views it as “buying back a piece of something I could never have”.