Melbourne Locals Are Using Lifelike Sex Dolls To Qualify For Faster Transit Lanes
— 4 April 2023

Melbourne Locals Are Using Lifelike Sex Dolls To Qualify For Faster Transit Lanes

— 4 April 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Australian adult retailer Wild Secrets produces a $5,500 sex doll named Donna and has been doing so for a few years. Assumedly, it’s always sold quite well but lately, in Melbourne at least, demand has been so strong that Donna is now completely sold out.

If you jumped to the most obvious reasons you’d be well off the mark. Donna isn’t selling out because guys need some inflatable company. She is selling out because time is money and Melbourne traffic sucks.

Rather than being used for its primary purpose, Melbourne locals are using Donna as quite a genius traffic hack. Sure, $5,500 is a lot to invest in a sex doll but Donna has the benefit of looking so realistic that she can double as a passenger and the authorities would be none-the-wiser. As such, the reason Donna is selling out is simply so the city’s commuters can qualify for the faster transit lane.

The Weekend at Bernie’s situation was inspired by a promotional image of Donna seated behind the wheel of a car, spurring this creative solution for Melbourne commuters who have been zipping through traffic off the back of a realistic sex doll. Many versions of Donna appear to be dressed up to be more convincing passengers, fooling any cameras and probably confusing the hell out of fellow commuters.

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(Photo sourced via Wild Secrets)
(Photo sourced via Reddit)

According to Adam Lea, marketing manager of Wild Secrets, Donna sells “pretty infrequently” otherwise and often the adult retailer would only sell around two a month. Nothing like this has happened in the retailer’s 30-year history.

The VicRoads website is hip to the game already, stating that “passengers” must be human but that isn’t stopping people from successfully circumventing road rules for faster transit.

Melbourne isn’t the only city where passengers have found ways to use a sex doll as a traffic hack. In 2019, news broke that riders in New York, California and Florida were making use of all sorts of non-human passengers for traffic purposes, from mannequins to skeletons and, of course, blow-up sex dolls.

Using Donna as a traffic solution has become so commonplace in Melbourne that police are desperately using various tactics to try and curb the trend, including public shaming on social media and forming dedicated police units to patrol highways. The former may not work, however, given there’s no shame in being a bonafide travel-hacking genius.

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