Lindsay Fox NGV Gallery

Billionaire Lindsay Fox Pledges $100 Million To The NGV Contemporary Art Gallery

In news that should delight art fans around the country, Australian billionaire Lindsay Fox has pledged a remarkable $100 million…

Big Short Dr Michael Burry US Stocks 1

‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry Sounds The Alarm On Next Market Crash

Scion Asset Management founder and renowned investor of The Big Short fame – Dr Michael Burry – has once again come out…

Netflix Share Price Drop 2022 Subscribers Loss

Netflix Share Price Plummets As Subscribers Drop For First Time Since 2011

The very notion of Netflix being too big to fail has been steadily disproven as the streaming giant’s share price…

Magic Johnson Nike

How Magic Johnson Missed Out On $7 Billion By Turning Down Nike

In 1979, 20-year-old Earvin Johnson from Lansing, Michigan had a very important decision to make as Converse, Adidas, and Puma eagerly…

PwC Australia Salaries 2022 Goldman Sachs Junior Banker Pay Raise 30%

From Associates To Partners, PwC Australia Reveals The Salaries It’s Paying Right Now

In what’s being described as an “unprecedented” move for the advisory sector – one which doesn’t involve any coaxing or…

Bedbible Head of Porn Research

This Company Is Paying Someone $20/Hour To Watch Porn All Day

Looking to penetrate the job market? Bedbible is recruiting for a working stiff to join its growing operation as Head…

Netflix Password Sharing Money Heist

Netflix Could Make A Shitload Of Money If They Can Stop Password Sharing

Up until recently, Netflix had approached password sharing like that cool parent in high school who preferred you underage drank…

Dennis Rodmans Barbershop

Dennis Rodman Is Selling Off His Iconic Hairstyles As NFTs

There are a lot of things you could say about Dennis Rodman. One of the more sedate things that The…

Hasbulla Interview

It Finally Happened: Hasbulla Sat Down For His First Proper Interview

History is defined by its most notable conversations. Richard Nixon and David Frost. Diana, Princess of Wales and Martin Bashir….

Jim Carrey Yes Man 1

Jim Carrey Agreed To Do ‘Yes Man’ Without A Salary… And Ended Up Earning $50 Million

Jim Carrey is incredibly talented, widely beloved, and immensely successful. There’s no need to harp on the subject: we all…

Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Is Vladimir Putin Secretly The World’s Richest Person?

As global scrutiny of Russian oligarchs intensifies, the enduring mystery surrounding President Vladimir Putin and his net worth has recently…

Lamborghini NFTs

Why Drive A Lamborghini When You Can Blow It Up To Create 999 NFTs?

Take something tangible, turn it into something intangible, and then commercialise it – that’s the strategy becoming increasingly popular these…