Zed Run is an NFT horse racing game

Zed Run Is An NFT Horse Game That’s More Lucrative Than You’d Think

Zed Run – an online game based on digital horse ownership, racing, trading, and breeding – is the latest surprisingly…

what is an NFT - NBA Top Shot

What Is An NFT? A Guide To The Future Of Investing

What is an NFT? By now, you’ve likely asked yourself this very question after encountering the acronym for non-fungible token…

Netflix Content Budget 2021

Netflix Content Budget To Exceed $17 Billion In 2021

Contrary to popular belief, Netflix doesn’t have an infinite content budget… although the upper limits of what they’re willing to…

Fuck You Attitude ari gold

A ‘Fuck You’ Attitude Is The Key To Success

An Idiot’s Take On Anthropology #4: A Fuck You Attitude Is The Key To Success While re-watching Netflix’s F1: Drive…

safemoon surge april

SafeMoon Has Surged 2,900% In April Alone

As Dogecoin’s market capitalisation blows past Ford Motors, a new cryptocurrency DeFi token known as SafeMoon has been – as…

world record dog walking - ryan pomeroy

Aussie Bloke Ryan Pomeroy Breaks Dog Walking World Record

Gold Coast dog walker/whisper Ryan Pomeroy has broken the world record for walking the most pooches simultaneously by an individual…

Jeff Bezos Final Letter Stepping Down Amazon CEO

Jeff Bezos’ Final Letter To Shareholders As Amazon CEO

In 1997, Jeff Bezos penned his very first letter to shareholders, outlining the blueprint for what would soon become one…

Get 50,000 Bonus Points With The American Express Explorer Card

The American Express Explorer Card is, in our opinion, one of the most versatile and value packed credit cards on the market

Bitcoin Price Dogecoin Price Cryptocurrency Coinbase

Bitcoin Price Soars To All-Time High Ahead Of Coinbase Listing

While we’re sure the majority of you are tired of hearing about it, the Bitcoin price has once again reached…

beijing billionaire capital chinese billionaires

Beijing Is Now The World’s Billionaire Capital

Chinese billionaires are well and truly taking over. Last year, China managed to create 259 billionaires by USD standards despite…

forbes austin russell world's youngest self-made billionaire

Meet Austin Russell: The World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

At the fresh-faced age of 26, Austin Russell has been crowned the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes, dethroning Kylie…

canva valuation 2021 - melanie perkins

Canva Valuation Rockets To Almost $20 Billion

Less than a year ago, publications were celebrating Aussie startup Canva for reaching a paper valuation of almost $9 billion….