Amex Platinum Card

The Amex Platinum Card Offers Up To A Massive 200,000 Rewards Points

Transfer points to ten excellent frequent flyer programs, including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Virgin Velocity, KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and Etihad Guest.

Get A Huge 100,000 Qantas Points With The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card

The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card is about as good as you can get without stepping up to the American Express Platinum Card.

Jay Z Highest Paid Rapper 2021

Surprise, Surprise… Jay-Z Was The Highest-Paid Rapper Of 2021

Bolstered by two mammoth deals with luxury giant LVMH and Jack Dorsey’s Square, Jay-Z has lapped the competition to become…

Juan Hernandez Lottery New York Long Island Scratch Off Twice

Bloke Wins $14 Million Lottery… For The Second Time In Three Years

Three years after winning US$10 million / AU$13.9 million from a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket, Juan Hernandez has experienced…

Highest Paying Graduate Jobs Australia 2022 B

The Companies Paying Aussie Graduates Big Bucks (And The Ones That Aren’t)

To combat the global skills shortage, major employers across the country are now dangling juicy carrots to lock down the…

Spotify Joe Rogan Data Leak Contract $200 million

Joe Rogan’s Spotify Deal Is Actually Worth $200 Million (Double What Was Reported)

We have no doubt the majority of you are sick of reading about UFC commentator/DMT enthusiast/dudebro father figure Joe Rogan and…

Grammarly Founders Max Lytvyn Alex Shevchenko Net Worth Valuation

The Difference Between “Your” & “You’re” Earned These Two Mates $6.7 Billion

In a world where attention to detail is often in short supply, Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko zeroed in on…

Bitcoin Couple Arrested Ilya Lichtenstein Heather Morgan 1

Bitcoin Bonnie & Clyde: Married Couple Arrested With $5 Billion In Stolen Crypto

It’s not uncommon to hear some of the most vanilla couples you’ll ever encounter call each other “partners in crime.”…

Joe Rogan Rumble Spotify

Joe Rogan Receives $100 Million Offer To Ditch Spotify

These days, you can guarantee with 99% certainty that whenever UFC commentator/comedian/DMT enthusiast/dudebro father figure Joe Rogan makes the news, it…

metal detector gold coin

Father Discovers $1.2 Million Gold Coin On First Day Of Trying New Metal Detector

The day you become a father is the day you – along with all your hobbies, interests, and so forth…

Meta Stock Price 1

Facebook Parent Company Meta Loses $322 Billion Overnight

The past few years haven’t been a stroll in the park for Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). The company has been mired…

OpenSea NFT Scam

According To OpenSea, Over 80% Of NFTs Created For Free Are Scams

Imagine for a second you’re an artist who has dedicated countless hours to your work, creating something you’re proud of…