Get Paid $9,000 To Watch Every Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’
— 15 October 2021

Get Paid $9,000 To Watch Every Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’

— 15 October 2021

Having a Homer Simpson-like skillset has literally never been so lucrative. For eight weeks, you can elect to watch all 706 episodes of the show’s run – as well as The Simpsons Movie – and get paid US$6,800 (AU$9,170) in the process.

In times of uncertainty, a lot of people have found themselves turning to The Simpsons. Apparently, for some, it isn’t just for the comforting embrace of nostalgia, but as a means of trying to accurately predict the future. If the show is known for anything at this point, it’s the 34 years they have spent on television, as well as their tendency to predict some major real-life events. This combination has led to the business proposition of UK-based online casino company Platin Casino.

“It’s a well-known phenomenon that The Simpsons has predicted major life events, and in our industry, we too like to predict what the future has in store for us,” stated the online casino company.

The Simpsons Series Analyst will get paid to note down standout events from the show, to help us predict the probability of each one happening.”

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“During each episode, the professional will be asked to take notes on stand-out storylines to feedback to us and our team of prediction experts. We will then compile the events into a list of future predictions with a probability of each one happening.”

The analyst (if that’s what we are calling it) will clock in a 35-hour workweek with flexible hours. Along with the salary, the gig is also said to come with a weekly free box of doughnuts to help pass the time. All that is asked of you is a laptop or TV, fluency in English, and strong writing skills.

“And of course, a love for The Simpsons is desirable,”

After predicting the election of Donald Trump, Richard Branson’s space escapades, and even the Higgs boson equation, who knows what kind of insight your viewing experience could provide. Though this idea might sound absolutely ridiculous, The Simpsons probably called it 20 years ago.

With most of our lockdowns hopefully in the rear-view mirrors by now, it is a shame this proposal did not come during the time when we actually had a spare 280 hours to kill. That being said, if this sedentary lifestyle is still appealing, you can hit the link below to apply.

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