The GoPro Fusion Is The Latest 360-degree HD Camera You Need

The GoPro Fusion Is The Latest 360-degree HD Camera You Need

There’s no doubt 360-degree spherical cameras are polarising in the marketplace. Making a camera that captures more content than users can realistically handle is a foreign concept to many, but when done right it’s clear that they can occupy a significant chunk of the market.

Enter GoPro, a company synonymous with sports/action cameras and constant innovation in the pocket-sized HD camera space. The brand’s latest offering, the GoPro Fustion, is certain to be one of the better 360-degree cameras out there, delivering quality 5.2K/30fps footage (you can also hit 60fps if you downgrade to 3k) in a very friendly package that does much of what other GoPros do so well.

Couple that with the company’s all-new Overcapture feature, which allows users to shape the 360 video into more traditional views allowing even your parents to make dope travel edits, and you’ve got yourself a highly functional HD camera that will shoot unique that you’re actually going to want to edit and play around with. Very much a break away from 360 cameras we’ve seen over the past few years.

Check out what our mate Sam Evans put together on a recent trip to Hamilton Island below:

The GoPro Fusion is available now for a retail price of $999.95, head over to their site to pick one up.

And if you’re still not convinced, check out this teaser edit released by the good folks at GoPro themselves to get an idea of the Fusion’s shooting capability.