This 82ft Catamaran Is A Coworking Office You Can Live On

This 82ft Catamaran Is A Coworking Office You Can Live On

Coworking spaces have seen an almost meteoric rise in recent years as freelancers and startups look to get out of garages and into environments that foster creativity and collaboration, while allowing groups of people traditionally isolated to find community.

Since officially becoming a ‘thing’ in 2005, there have been some pretty cool coworking offices spring up across the world, with players like WeWork offering free wifi, free beer and coffee, and a host of networking events as part of their $300 monthly membership fee.

None however, are as cool as the first floating coworking space, Coboat.

Billed as the perfect solution for ‘digital nomads’, Coboat is an office and home on an 82ft Catamaran. The boat makes its maiden voyage in November this year and will be crossing the globe with different groups of guests from then on. The first trip starts in Phuket; by May the yacht will be in Greece for the European summer season, before seeing out the year in the Caribbean.

Week long working/living packages start at €980 inclusive of wifi (obviously), all meals and non-alcoholic drinks, and use of all watersports equipment.

For more information on what promises to be the best working week of your life, visit Coboat.