Time For A Career Change? How An MBA Opens Doors
— Updated on 24 November 2022

Time For A Career Change? How An MBA Opens Doors

— Updated on 24 November 2022
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

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Each choice we make dictates the rest of our lives, both directly and indirectly. Like many, you may be at a crossroads, with your future career in tow, wondering how you’re going to get to your goals and which side of the fence they may be on.

If you’re unsure on your next move, it’s time for the kick-start we both know you needed. In the world of business, one thing’s for certain – and that is change is everything. You need to be knowledgeable, up to date and ready to tackle every challenge from the corporate world. Nothing quite prepares you for this like a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

What’s one better than a standard MBA, is a postgraduate degree you can do on your time around your schedule. Realistically, you’re a postgrad. You’re either in the workforce or keen to get started with your career. Sometimes, committing another two years of your life to studying may seem a daunting and deal-breaking task.

Now you can still give yourself that edge in responsible leadership, sustainable business practices and global orientation with a 100% online program delivered through staggered courses to ensure you still learn in the most effective way possible.

You’ll be privy to a plethora of digital networking opportunities, working with likeminded individuals from all corners of the country, not just your home city.

The 2016 Corporate Recruiter’s Survey has affirmed the common assumption that as an MBA graduate you’re more likely to be hired, and similarly paid a higher salary in the long term, with 88% of corporate recruiters looking directly to institutions for MBA graduates; 54% of these employers increasing their MBA graduate starting salaries in 2016.

Aside from a higher likelihood of being employed and a higher-on-average long term salary, your broader skill set can complement other projects or part time employment when completed online. An MBA is ideally suited to those wishing to open doors to senior management and leadership opportunities in either the public or private sectors. For the entrepreneurially orientated, you’ll gain an unparalleled knowledge base to start your own successful business.

Griffith University’s six intakes per year virtually let you start whenever you like, making that flexibility all the more enticing. The Griffith Business School is internationally recognised, and specifically orientated to change-makers looking to integrate the highest standard of business practices into ground-breaking organisations.

Griffith’s online MBA is divided up into 12 courses, each running for six weeks, ensuring the program can still be completed in two years, while you only ever have to focus on one course at a time.

Although MBA’s might not always be compatible with everyone’s corporate goals, the possibilities for online learning don’t stop there. Master’s in Global Law, Marketing, Financial Planning and Finance can also be completed in a similar online fashion, giving you endless corporate career opportunities just waiting for their potential to be discovered.

When can I start, you may ask? Speak to a Griffith University enrolment adviser today by visiting Griffith Online.

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