How To Be Understated But Not Underestimated In 2019
— 29 January 2019

How To Be Understated But Not Underestimated In 2019

— 29 January 2019
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

We know what you’re thinking. More ‘new year, new me’ BS. But this headline is actually misleading. This isn’t just your guide to being understated and not underestimated throughout 2019. It’s your guide to being understated and not underestimated for your many years to come.

With age comes experience, accolades, and wealth that will forever snowball until your final days. Mastering how to embrace these life moments subtly into your personal character will guide you to becoming not only a better you, but the best possible version.

Walk with the confidence of a thousand men, but only the ego of one

What separates the boys from the men is the ability to manoeuvre through life with self-assurance. The kind of self-assurance that marks every action with decisive pacing as well as careful deliberation. What we’re talking about here is confidence, and although confidence of this calibre seems easier said than done, mastery of a man’s presence in every aspect of life will have the world at his knees.

Be mindful, however, of dancing between confidence and regular, store brand ego. You may be great, and you may continue to become greater, but no one is great enough to justify an unwarranted measure of self-involvement.

Impressions are lasting – make them count!

Becoming the person you want to be will face a few crucial and formative moments. The most important of which is your debut. The grand entrance. The first impression.

The physical aspect is easy. Close attention to personal hygiene (a well-groomed hand to shake and regularly flossed, winning smile never goes amiss), dressing to accentuate one’s best features in well-fitted articles of clothing, and perhaps even a curated signature scent for that desired, lingering presence.

The non-physical aspect is not so easy. This requires refining the delicate art of conversational charm, intelligently navigating around someone else’s emotions, and a well-exercised memory to retain details (both significant and insignificant) for that graceful pas de deux many consider to be simple chit chat. It is really that hard to remember someone’s name? Hear it once, and you shouldn’t have to ask for it again.

Impressions are crucial; strike all the right chords, make the opportunities count, and it could very well be the difference between a glancing interaction and a lifelong bond.

If peak performance is what you seek, then peak performance is what you should strive towards

If you want the best possible version of yourself, then you better be prepared to work for it.

You need to want it more than you want to indulge in that short term bit of pleasure, more than you want to be comfortably sleeping in 5/7 mornings every week, and even more than you want to breathe. Peak performance?

Let me tell you something… it’s well within your reach. You just need to step up to the proverbial plate and truly, honestly want it.

Choose your accessories wisely in 2019. The Chrysler 300 SRT… understated, but not to be underestimated

Everything from the clothes you wear to the car in the garage are an expression of yourself and the man you want to be this year. We’ve always believed that the latter is the second most important thing to consider after the former.

A man’s presence, power and class is something that just can’t be faked. It can, however, be complemented with the right set of wheels. If you’re after the confidence of a thousand men, achieve peak performance, and leave a lasting impression… look no further than the Chrysler 300 SRT.

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