Wisemans Surf Lodge Now Offering Co-Ownership Opportunities For Wave Hungry Investors

Wisemans Surf Lodge Investment

Wisemans Surf Lodge – Sydney’s $75 million resort-style surfing destination that was green-lit last November – has since launched a property investment opportunity, giving regular punters the chance to co-own a slice of the ambitious project.

To kickstart the development, the entirety of Wisemans Surf Lodge will be wrapped inside a fund that anyone can invest in – from the pool to the hotel – and earn an annual return from doing so. Investors will also get an exclusive membership thrown in by the lodge operator every year to access the private facility. 

Located just an hour from the Sydney CBD or 45 minutes via boat from Palm Beach, Wisemans Surf Lodge has its sights set on a state-of-the-art wave pool that’s approximately “four football fields stacked”, capable of generating swells up to 2.5 metres high on the main peak and ideal beginner rides on the secondary peak every 17 seconds, as well as rides with a duration of 10-12 seconds.

Wisemans Surf Lodge Investment

The Wisemans Surf Lodge Property Trust is set to operate as a managed investment fund, and upon completion of the development, will own its share of the 45-acres of waterfront land, the 12,600-square metre wave pool, the 54-room hotel (and its bars, restaurants and conference centres), as well as a 6-hole golf course, spas and gyms, among a host of other things.

According to the Wisemans Surf Lodge website, investor benefits include:

  • Forecast 6.15% – 6.7% annual yield
  • Six monthly income distributions (from the commencement of operations)
  • Access to a property investment in the hospitality and leisure sector, with multiple income streams
  • Investment in a 45-acre landholding with 615 metres of river frontage and future development potential
  • Potential for capital growth
  • A preferential offer from Balnce to be a member of Wisemans Surf Lodge

The fund has a pre-development capital raise target of $120 million, with a minimum investment for Wisemans Surf Lodge starting from $30,000. Learn more at the link below.

Wisemans Surf Lodge Investment