Morocco’s Bank Of Africa Tower Will Be The Continent’s New Tallest Building

Never mind it being the tallest building in Morocco, the new Bank of Africa tower is set to be the tallest building on the entire continent. Construction of the elegant, neo-modern structure will begin November 1st and is slated to be completed in May of 2022, once the tower has been built to a massive 250 metres in height. “The Bank of Africa,” will include 55 floors and include a luxury hotel, high-end offices, spacious apartments, and even a visitor’s viewing terrace.

The construction project will be tackled by BESIX and Travaux Generaux de Construction de Casablanca (TGCC), two construction firms from Belgian. The new building will be a major investment for the Moroccan BMCE Bank of Africa, which is estimated to spend $444 million AUD from start to finish. 

According to Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of BESIX group, “the Bank of Africa tower will be an emblematic building for the country. I am proud to see BESIX participating in its construction in Morocco, a kingdom in which it has been a pleasure to work in recent years. In the case of the Bank of Africa tower, we can count on our solid expertise in high-rise construction”.

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