Red Bull’s 2019 Illume Quest Photography Competition Winners

There’s always a stray moment in the day where I think to myself, “Yeah… I know how to take a decent photograph.” But that notion is quickly dispersed at the first glance of what real visual craftsmen can achieve with some proper equipment, luck and raw talent.

Unsurprisingly, this sentiment holds true the moment I lay eyes on the winning submissions for Red Bull’s Illume Quest Photography Competition for 2019.

This year, there was a record-breaking 59,551 images up for consideration from all across the world that aimed to capture adventure sports at their finest. A judging panel of 50 photo editors and digital experts selected 60 finalists, 11 category winners, and a single overall winner.

Check some of the winners in the gallery below.

You can view the full gallery of finalists and winners at

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