Inside Scott Disick’s Tasteful Hollywood Hills Home

Inside Scott Disick’s Tasteful Hollywood Hills Home

Despite no one being able to figure out where the hell he gets his money from, you simply cannot fault Scott Disick’s tasteful home nestled in the hills of Hollywood. 

Architectural Digest was welcomed into the residence by the Lord himself, which exudes traditional east-coast flair with a muted decor.

The palatial, open-plan living environment can be seen immediately upon entry, with the house stretching narrow and wide, affronting a lush green lawn with a gorgeous infinity pool.

The garage is where the real magic happens, however, with the Lord sporting a curated selection of monochrome vehicles. The likes of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast, Bentley’s Bentayga, as well as a drop-top dual-tone Rolls-Royce Dawn, and classic Shelby Cobra are included in the roll call. But it’s the Range Rover that Disick explains holds a special place in his heart.

Despite admitting that he hasn’t actually driven it yet (referring to a brand new Range Rover Vogue), it’s the one whip – in fact, the one possession alone – that he can’t live without.

Let Lord Disick himself take you for a tour of his Hollywood home in the clip below.

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