7 Sydney Eateries You Need To Try Before Summer Ends
— Updated on 16 June 2021

7 Sydney Eateries You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

— Updated on 16 June 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

In a few short weeks, Summer will retreat for another year. But before that happens, here are a selection of places you should hit for a feed while you soak up some sun, and get a head start on those Winter layers. Right around the midriff.

(Note: a selection of places have been included, so there’s something for everyone.)


380 Oxford St, Paddington

Fred’s is the kind of place that’s so fresh, it’s farm-to-table. Using only ethically produced ingredients. With a cosy venue designed to make you feel home, and an exceptionally rustic menu to go with it, this is a place that combines “… old-world techniques with innovation…”. ‘Nuff said.

Down ‘N’ Out

95 Blaxland Rd, Ryde

There are some things the Yanks do better than us (only some things). One of those things happens to be clogging arteries in the most delicious way possible. Where better to endure death by burger than the American-style Down ‘N’ Out joint. On top of the creatively deep-fried everything, and sweeter than mom [sic .] + apple pie milkshakes, this little independent champion of tastiness is licensed to booze. So you can also enjoy some equally creative cocktails.

Kazzi Beach Greek

11a The Esplanade, Mosman

Mykonos comes to Mosman with this hot and upcoming location. This is also another place not for the faint of stomach or heart. And all you would-be vegans and vegetarians might want to give this one a miss. But for the rest of us regular folk, it’s bombs away. The earthen yet refreshing flavours of the Mediterranean we have all come to love practically leaps from the dishes. What bolsters every experience at Kazzi Beach Greek has got to be the authenticity of it all. Owner and proprietor, Peter Papas, has translated passion and heritage directly onto the menu. Plus the views ain’t half bad either. Alfresco dining is a must. Aspiring trend-setters best get in soon for future bragging rights.

Bondi Trattoria

34 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Modernity is the name of the game here, and I must say, how cleanly it is executed. Beyond the physical location, which sits at the heart of Summer life in Sydney, Trattoria‘s ability to balance Mediterranean influences while remaining versatile enough to branch out beyond Mediterranean is something to be applauded. But I don’t need to tell you that. One needs to spend no more than a few minutes to realise this.

Chin Chin

69 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

Asian fusion has been something that I’ve historically rolled me eyes at. Maybe because actually having growing up Asian and experiencing the genuine cuisine forces me to call out the blatantly bullshit and pretentious foolery of melanin challenged culture vultures when it’s plated before me. Maybe because I subscribe to Anthony Bourdain’s philosophy when it comes to having too much range on a single menu (“… how good can you be at all of those things?”). Chin Chin, however, is the rare exception. As much as I’m going to hate myself for typing this out, the Melbourne import is one place that demonstrates the artistry in culinary pastiche. And the flavours don’t pull their punches either. Every hint of spice lets you know what the Hell is up.

Z.I.A Kitchen

62 Canarys Rd, Roselands

If you haven’t heard of Z.I.A Kitchen, you’ve probably encountered a geotagged post on Instagram at least once in your lifetime. This charming corner of botany and bundle is the de-facto capital of brunch in Sydney. According to me, anyways. The coffee is more aromatic, the pastries just a little sweeter, and the eggs are just… runnier(?) (I don’t know where I was going with that one, kind of got away from me). Activewear and prams encouraged.


23 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo

This list wouldn’t be complete without a proper nod towards a seafood player. But Cirrus is more than a player. Cirrus is practically the game code. This world-class restaurant promises to deliver the freshest of catches and the most inventive of spins on all the classics. Courtesy of chef Brent Savage, of course. Whether it’s oysters, prawns, or kingfish that be your vice, you won’t be disappointed.

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