Johnnie Walker To Release 200th Anniversary Limited-Edition Whiskies
— Updated on 18 June 2021

Johnnie Walker To Release 200th Anniversary Limited-Edition Whiskies

— Updated on 18 June 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

In celebration of its 200th anniversary, Johnnie Walker has announced the release of four limited-edition whiskies – so we can all raise a toast to mark the momentous occasion. Launching in October this year, here’s what you can expect:

  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary Limited-Edition Design
    “This new limited edition design features stunning illustrations that bring to life the 200-year journey of John Walker & Sons and Johnnie Walker, paying homage to some of the great cities and countries that have been part of this inspiring story since 1820.”
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight
    “This exclusive release celebrates 200 years of craft. It is a smooth, mellow Scotch crafted using whisky hand-selected from only eight legendary distilleries that all existed in 1820, including some very rare expressions from long-closed “ghost” distilleries.”
  • John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend
    “This limited edition release is inspired by a breakthrough moment in John Walker & Sons’ history – the launch of Old Highland Whisky in the 1860s. This rich and complex Scotch is inspired by the flavours found in the Walker family’s grocery store during that period and is crafted with whiskies from distilleries operating at the time.”
  • John Walker & Son Bicentenary Blend
    “This exceptional whisky is a sensorial journey down the fragrant aisles of John Walker’s original grocery store in Scotland with rich layers that re-imagine the exotic flavours that shaped John Walker’s imagination. It is crafted with rare and exceptional whiskies, all aged for at least 28 years, including whiskies from long-closed “ghost” distilleries such as Pittyvaich, Cambus, and soon to be re-opened Port Ellen.”

The iconic brand has come a long way since its founder and namesake – John Walker – began selling an early iteration of whisky from his family’s grocery store in 1820. Steadily gaining popularity only after Walker’s death in 1857, it would fast become a favourite for many. Including Winston Churchill, who would apparently mix it with water and throw ’em back all throughout the day. Presently, Johnnie Walker is the world’s top-selling brand of blended scotch whiskey with a grand total of over 223 million bottles sold each year.

It’s worth noting a domestic price point has not yet been confirmed for this 200th-anniversary release. In the US, however, the John Walker & Son Celebratory Blend will retail for US$75, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight will retail for US$350, and the John Walker & Son Bicentenary Blend will retail for US$1,000. So probably something in that ballpark.

Stay tuned for more details.


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