Celebrate NYE Twice This Year In Two Hemispheres For A Lazy $350k

Celebrate NYE Twice This Year In Two Hemispheres For A Lazy $350k

If you really want to blow off some steam and go hard this New Year why not celebrate twice in two different hemispheres? Private jet booking company PrivateFly are offering exactly this, although it’s not cheap.

For the low price of $353,969 you can hire your own private jet and celebrate NYE in two different countries on the other sides of the globe. It all kicks off in Sydney on December 31 at 8pm, where punters can get on the cans at one of Sydney’s many glamours night spots before witnessing the legendary fireworks display at midnight. Then it’s off to to the airport to board a luxurious Gulfstream G550 at 2 am for a 13.5-hour journey to Los Angelas. Arriving at 8:30 pm local time thanks to the 19 hour time difference, you’ll be able to get back on it and see in the New Year with the Northern Hemisphere. 

If the $353,969.70 price tag is a little too excessive, you can split the cost with seven other mates and pay the paltry sum of $44,263.53 each. Bargain right? 

There’s two different packages available, with the ‘Wellness’ option offering deluxe bedding and detox juices and a health-conscious menu for those wanting to recharge, while the ‘Festive Flight’ caters to those looking to keep the party going, with music, cabin decorations and a decadent inflight menu including caviar, fresh lobster and plenty of booze. 

So if you’re after an alcohol-fuelled NYE taking in two countries across 24 hours then PrivateFly have you covered. For the rest us, a few quiet froths then bed by half 12 will do nicely. 

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