Post Malone’s Maison No 9 Rose Is Coming To Australia
— 29 September 2022

Post Malone’s Maison No 9 Rose Is Coming To Australia

— 29 September 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Nobody really expected Post Malone’s rose to sell out to the degree in which it did. Launched back in 2020, Maison No 9 racked up a record-breaking 50,000 sales within the first 48 hours alone (and that was before it branched outside of the US). Next month, the best-selling Post Malone rose finally lands here in Australia.

Maison No 9 was born out of the desire to unite a best-in-class winery with Post Malone’s apparent love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and rose; having travelled frequently to Provence between sold out shows and collaborated with medalled winemaker, Alexis Cornu, to try grape varietals and sample blends.

“I always loved the Mediterranean – there’s just something about the lifestyle out there. When you venture into the hills of Provence, it’s a special vibe. The people have always been so nice to us, we are always welcomed. I just like the pace of life,” Post Malone previously stated.

Post Malone Maison No 9 Rose Coming To Australia

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Posty initially got acquainted with “the juice” – as he refers to pink wine – because of Mark Wahlberg. Which certainly wasn’t our first guess, but what do we know?

“I was hanging out with him at his house and he has this crazy wine collection. He really turned me on to the good stuff,” explained Post Malone.

“After that me and [music executive Dre London] started exploring new wines in restaurants, and got a real taste for it.”

According to the description, you can expect a clean, dry, crisp finish balanced and rounded out with a texture that’s both mouth-watering and savoury – “perfect for drinking on its own or with a variety of dishes.” It’s also prominently features red fruit notes, i.e. strawberry, watermelon, cherry.

Post Malone’s Maison No 9 rose will be limited to just 10,000 units when it arrives to Australia on October 6th of 2022. Available to purchase exclusively via Dan Murphy’s online platform, a bottle of the good stuff will set you back a reasonable $42.99.

Keep an eye out on the page linked below.

Post Malone Maison No 9 Rose Product Specifications (Australia)

Post Malone Maison No 9 Rose Coming To Australia
  • Brand Name: Maison No 9
  • Size: 750ml
  • Current Vintage: 2020 (may vary from store to store when delivered)
  • Standard Drinks: 7.4
  • Alcohol Volume: 12.5%
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Closure: Stopper

“Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy.”

Post Malone

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