The Most Popular Beers In Australia (According To Sales Data)
— Updated on 6 February 2023

The Most Popular Beers In Australia (According To Sales Data)

— Updated on 6 February 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Politics, philosophy, religion, and even tax brackets may divide us. But there’s one thing Aussies can unanimously agree on (almost to our own detriment): nothing beats a hard-earned frothy after a full business day’s worth of copping shit from whatever higher power/career bureaucrat you answer to.

There are, however, differing opinions when it comes to brand preference, differing prices around the country, and differing stances when it comes to the age-old pints vs schooner debate. As per the data provided by both order-pay tech + hospitality innovator me&u and business analytics company IRI Australia, when it comes to the topic of the most popular beers in Australia, we’re dealing with a spectrum.

Great Northern has fast become one of the most popular beers across the country, securing the top spot in both ACT and the Northern Territory, second place in Queensland, third in South Australia, as well as being the overall best-selling beer. The same can be said about local pale ale Balter XPA, which came second in New South Wales and Tasmania, third in Victoria and Canberra; although it somehow failed to make the cut altogether in IRI Australia’s breakdown – as has the virtually ubiquitous Carlton Draught.

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To absolutely nobody’s surprise, this discrepancy in the data between me&u and IRI Australia – but more importantly, the discrepancy between the numbers published by the latter and the old nutshell of public opinion – has ruffled more than a few feathers, sparking “outrage” as the ever-respectable journalists over at Daily Mail have put it.

Complaints have ranged from “It’s official… Australians have lost their taste in beer,” “This country has no taste,” and “I call BS on the order,” “I’m embarrassed! Surely a joke,” to “The day I take beer advice from a generation that skulls beer out of a shoe is the day I give it away” (see more: above). Fair play.

Anyway, check out the most popular beers in Australia based on me&u and IRI Australia data below.

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Most Popular Beers In Australia - World's Drunkest Country By A Long Shot Global Drug Survey 2021

Overall Rankings: The Best-Selling Beers (Courtesy of IRI Australia)

  1. Great Northern
  2. Carlton Dry
  3. XXXX Gold
  4. Coopers
  5. Victoria Bitter
  6. Corona
  7. Tooheys
  8. Hahn
  9. Pure Blonde
  10. Asahi

State By State Rankings (Courtesy of me&u)

  • ACT
    1 – Great Northern Super Crisp
    2 – Carlton Draught
    3 – Balter XPA
  • New South Wales
    1 – Corona
    2 – Balter XPA
    3 – 4 Pines Pale Ale
  • Northern Territory
    1 – Great Northern Super Crisp
    2 – Coopers Pale Ale
    3 – Carlton Dry
  • Queensland
    1 – Felons Crisp Lager
    2 – Great Northern Super Crisp
    3 – XXXX Gold
  • South Australia
    1 – Hahn Super Dry
    2 – Coopers Pale Ale
    3 – Great Northern Super Crisp
  • Tasmania
    1 – Cascade Lager
    2 – Balter XPA
    3 – Asahi Super Dry
  • Victoria
    1 – Carlton Draught
    2 – Coburg Lager
    3 – Balter XPA
  • Western Australia
    1 – Swan Draught
    2 – Carlton Dry
    3 – James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale
Victoria Bitter Craft Beers Dead Long Live Classics

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Additional Insights

The Average Cost of Beer

  • New South Wales: $12.40
  • Victoria: $10.00
  • South Australia: $11.70
  • Western Australia: $10.67

National average: $11.65

The Pints vs Schooners Debate

  • Western Australia: 95% Pints, 3% Schooners
  • South Australia: 83% Pints, 10% Schooners
  • Tasmania: 67% Pints, 32% Schooners
  • Victoria: 50% Pints, 43% Schooners
  • New South Wales: 46% Pints, 43% Schooners
  • Queensland: 44% Pints, 51% Schooners
  • ACT: 42% Pints, 55% Schooners
  • Northern Territory: 27% Pints, 65% Schooners

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