Valtteri Bottas & Tiffany Cromwell Launch Their Very Own Tasty Gin

Valtteri Bottas Gin Tiffany Cromwell OATH

McLaren’s Danny Ric has some fresh competition in the “Booze From An F1 Driver” department as Valtteri Bottas introduces his O/\TH Gin brand.

Created alongside his Australian girlfriend and Olympic cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, this handcrafted spirit is apparently made using a special “family” recipe inspired by both world-renowned racers.

As per the official press release, the formula involves a unique marriage between oats from the Alfa Romeo driver’s fields over in Finland, the famed Adelaide-grown apples near Cromwell’s hometown of Stirling, along with a “groundbreaking” method of temperature-controlled distillation.

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“O/\TH salutes the promises we give ourselves, our loved ones, our homeland,” states Valtteri Bottas.

“Bloody O/\TH! We wanted to create a premium gin together embodying our family heritages from Australia and Finland,” adds Tiffany Cromwell.

Finnish “sisu” meets Aussie true grit, if you will.

A standard pot-stilled juniper berry base is seasoned with vacuum-distilled oats and apple peels. The combination of three different distillates apparently results in a unique floral, spicy, and fruity gin with light pine notes on the top.

Valtteri Bottas & Tiffany Cromwell Launch Their Very Own Tasty Gin

“The gin base is a selection of botanicals, such as oats and juniper berry. Apple peels give a final, distinctive touch,” explains Cromwell.

“O/\TH Gin has distinctive base notes of oats that gives the gin not only a unique flavour – but also character and a certain softness,” say Bottas.

Valtteri Bottas and Tiffany Cromwell’s O/\TH gin will soon be available to purchase via Amazon and the ALKO stores of Finland.